Tokaido Amazing and Beautiful Board Game to Play for Kids & Adults

Tokaido - The Story & How It Starts

The game propose a journey from Edo to Kyoto in Japan. You follow th road of Tokaido travelling to collect souvenirs, visit temples, have unforgettable encounters, taking some relaxing time to the hot spring & discovering amazing landscapes.

Each player choose a Traveler card.  They are 10 of them and each one has, a number of coin to start with and a specific bonus, for exemple: Zen-emon the merchant will start the game with 6 coins and "Once per village, Zen-emon can purchase one souvenir for 1 coin instead of the marked price". Depending of which Traveler you choose to be, your journey will have its own advantage.

The Game

  •  1 "Rules Of Play" : really detailed and well done, easy to understand, take max 30 min to read.
  • 10 Travelers cards: each player choose one at the beginning of the game.
  • 5 big token color (one for each player) is placed onto the Traveler card
  • 5 small token color (one for each player) is placed on the board game, on top, to count points
  • a certain number of coins: money you need during your journey
  • Souvenir cards: you can purchase souvenir each time you stop on a black spot
  • Hot Spring cards: benefit of the virtues of the hot spring when you stop on a turquoise spot
  • Encounters cards: get gifts from encounters when you stop on a pink spot
  • In Meals cards: each time you will arrive to the Inn, you have to purchase a meal
  • Bonus cards: you can receive these if you achieve the maximum points in each activity of the journey
  • Lanscape card: they are three landscape to collect during the journey

A really nice game to play, original and easy

It may seem at first there is a lot to understand and remember. The 10 first minutes will still give you that impression then you will see it's quite easy to get along. 

One of the particularity of this board game is that there is any dice. The rule to know who's turn it is to play is easy, it's the player that is the last one, on the above picture it means it's the blue player turn.

Purchasing souvenirs will give you points, most of the action you will choose to do during this journey will be to earn points, the player with the biggest amount of points when every player has finished the journey wins!

Collecting landscape cards will also give you points. Each activity let you have points in different ways, you'll have to discover how. 

Why Should you play to Tokaido

This game has really pretty designs and it's really nice to discover the pictures all along the game. You can play with or without a strategy, so adults and kids can play the game. It's also a game you can play with only two players, so that's nice too. If you play with the maximum players, five, and most of them play for the first time, the game can last for 45 minutes, but if you play at 3-4 player the game usually take 20 to 30 minutes to play. It' a great game you should try it!

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