Sherlock TV serie 2010 - 4th season coming up in 2017

A Modern Sherlock Holmes - Crimes of Our Times

A British-American drama crime TV serie based on the famous detective stories of Sherlock Holmes. There are three seasons of three episodes and one special episode (came out on 01.01.2016). Each episode is 1hour and 30 minutes. The show is amazing and so well done. It's a perfect mix of drama, suspense and humor and the acting is incredible. If you're looking for a TV show to watch that keeps your attention the whole way of the story, Sherlock is for you.

Great Characters

Sherlock Homes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor John Watson by Martin Freeman (The actor who played in the Hobbit). All the actors are very good and each really has a role and a captivating personality.

Sherlock Homes

Doctor John Watson

Mycroft Holmes - The Brother

Ms. Hudson

Solving Crimes - Logic, Deductive Sience, Minde Palace

Many TV shows, Bones, NCIS and others, has a team of expert solving cases. It usually starts with a dead body. With Sherlock it never starts the same way, each time, it's a story. It's all about who's telling the story. Sherlock is a private detective, with Watson, they receive clients, and solve how, when and sometimes anticipate what will happen. One of the best tools Sherlock has, is its mind, The Mind Palace. A place in your mind where you (Sherlock) stock all (every detail) you've ever seen, felt, tasted... Mycroft, Sherlock's brother works for the British government, there are a lot of really interesting cases that involve scientifique proof and new technology support with always an elegant english touch. You'll discover Miss Hudson through the episodes, she's great and really really funny.

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