Lucifer - New American Crime Comedy Serie

The Original Fallen Angel a Vigilant?

This is a fun an crime serie with great charters. Everybody knows about the Devil, or has heard about it, it's your chance to see how he acts with the human. The legend says that God punished Lucifer because, Lucifer loved human (too much) and gave them the ability to think. His punishment was to rule hell. Now he's bored and wants to live among the humans. His immortal, handsome and quite smart but he does not know much about human and their customs. His voyage in the human world gets really interesting after he meets the homicide detective Chloe. He wants to become his partner and resolve crime.

The Devil Retirement In Los Angeles

Lucifer lives in a huge house in the angel's town and has his own night club. He always presents himself as : Lucifer Morning Star, very proud of himself. Through the 4 firsts episodes, his character has already quite evolve and the story is really captivating. If you are looking for a nice crime and humour serie, you should watch in streaming Lucifer season one here. Will he be able to save his soul or is his brother will manage to take him back to hell?

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