Home (Swiss) Made Light Carbonara Spaghetti - Simple & Delicious Recipe

A Light Version of The Famous Carbonara Pasta Dish

Traditional Carbonara Sauce is not suppose to have cream. Nonetheless, in many restaurant then you order Carbonara pasta, you often receive a nice big plate, with a creamy & cheesy sauce with bacon and a yellow egg on top of the dish. Then if you like you can add parmesan on top. Quite a rich dish. Here's my recipe, a light version, simple & delicious.

Material & Ingredient 4 portions:
  1. One big casserole (to cook the pasta)
  2. One small casserole (for the sauce)
  3. One table spoon of olive oil
  4. One little onion
  5. 100 gr of ham or more
  6. One yellow eggs (do not use the white)
  7. Any kind of pasta
  8. Parmesan minimum 80gr
  9. 30 cl of cream (5%) almost as rich as milk
  10. Pepper (I prefer white pepper)

First step

Put water in the big casserole for the pasta and start to heat it. To go faster, boil the water in a boiler before you put it in the big casserole.

Cut the onion in small pieces and cook over low heat in the small casserole. 

Second Step

Grate the cheese, 60 gr is enough for the sauce, you can grate more to add in you plate when the dish is ready.

Third Step

The ham replace the bacon, to give a smoky taste to the ham, cut it in small pieces and cook it with the onion in the small casserole.

Fourth Step

Add you light cream 5% in the small casserole at low heat. It has to be at low heat, the idea is not to cook the cream but to let the ham and onion infuse to give the cream a really good taste. Having your yellow egg ready not to far away is the best to make sure, the yellow egg isn't cold when you will mix it with the rest of the sauce.

Fifth Step

Cook your pasta al dente, it taste better, around 8 minutes for spaghetti. Than add your yellow egg in the small casserole and toss vigorously to make sure the yellow doesn't cook and make small pieces.

Sixth Step

Heat your sauce for 2 minutes, make sure it boils just a few second not more. Remove it from the heat and add the cheese, 60gr of parmesan.

Last Step

I suggest to serve it in a bowl, Bon Appetit!

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