Trivago - searching web tool that allows you to compare hotels prices

Have you heard about Trivago ?

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I've seen the advertisement many times on the TV already, haven't you? There's this guy telling us how Trivago helps to save time when you want to look for the best hotel for less money... The advertisement exist in different languages. I've seen it many times in Canada in english and even more in Switzerland in french. So I wondered is it a good tool, does it really work? Is it an insightful travel metasearch engine? Would I use it next time I have to look for a hotel?

The Good:

Trivago has local websites for each region. I compared the .com and a few local version of the website its constant. It offers the same result for the same query and for each country you have the right currency. Trivago propose many filters that make your search quite specific in no time. The price is per night and you can choose between 5 to 18 websites to than book your reservation ( I am not sure how it is a good thing, but still you can choose...). In less than a second you will have a list of more than a 1000 hotels and hostels displayed on your screen. After adding your filters: double room, 3 stars and more, very good and more rating, 0.5 miles from the center, etc... You'll end up with the 10% of the initial result list. Trivago, seems to be a good tool to have an overview of what kind of hotels / hostels exist in the location you want to go.

The Less Good:

Trivago compares prices from more than 200 booking sites. It does it perfectly. I am not that interested to compares prices for an hotel if I do not know the hotel, or if I cannot find relevant information that will let me know if I could eventually like it or not. For example, I like to know what other people, that stayed in the hotel, think about the place. What they liked, what they didn't like. There is a rating factor on Trivago, but it's an overview of what people commented on more than 200 booking sites. You actually can't access to the real comments, plus you do not know what are the createria of the rating. 

I've just look for a hotel in Madrid, find a 3 stars hotel with a rating of 81/100. It should be a good 3 stars hotel right? So if a look "the review analysis from across the web" that Trivago propose, they are 11 categories review: Bar, Value, Breakfast, Amenities, Vibe, Wifi, Comfort, Service, Location, Room, Food. 4 of them are in red with bad rating, one is in yellow (the comfort of the room) and 6 are well rated (one is because there is free Pepsi, free Wifi, airport is cheap, delicious food, staff friendly, and it's well situated). In short, you do not know if the rooms are nice and comfortable, but you know you'll have nice people that offers free pepsi and you'll be situated in the center of the city. Personally, I am more concerned about the room and comfort than free pepsi or even free wifi (even if it's convenient). It took me more than 10 minutes to actually check the review categories and half of them didn't tell me much or didn't even interested me.

What to think?

I would use Trivago if I am in a hurry or maybe to do a first overview of what kind of hotel /hostel I could find for my next vacation destination. For business trips, I think it can be a perfect tool, because it mainly compares price, so for a few days, if you don't want to spend hours to check hotels it's quite practical. I would keep on using Tripadvisor, because I really like to read other people comments, they are usually quite insightful. Also I still like to dig and find some more authentic places like Airbnbs that not big websites like Trivago or Tripadvisor suggests, their lists result usually show hotels, and hostels everybody know. And you how do you look for an hotel / hostel when you go in vacation? Are you using Trivago? 


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