The Magicians - new fantasy serie starting in 2016

The Magicians - new fantasy serie starting in 2016

I've just watch the pilot of this new fantasy television serie. It's made in USA and the genres are drama, horror and mystery... The story takes place in New York and the main character, Quentin, is a fan of magic since he's been a kid and now he is starting his adult life he feels depressed until he discover a Magical University in NY where's he's been enrolled in Brakebills College.

The Good:

It's kind of a Harry Potter for grow ups. It show it's potential when you see the different kind of magic that exist when they arrive at the college. The visual effects are quite well done and the story is fluid. There are different characters that create a balance social environment. 

The Less Good:

The pilot is a little bit slow to start. A few characters are depressed and hopeless. So it does not really catch your attention and care about them. The magical college seems to exist just to teach people with ability what they can do, which make sense, but it's like the college is the only magical place, there are no information about what confirmed magicians do or how they live. As it is a horror TV show, there are some disgusting moments, so if you like that kind of scenes, you'll have a little bit, if you don't, like me, it's okay, there aren't that many, for now...

What to think?

I would give it a 3.5/5. It's interesting but not that amazing. In the pilot, when there are little things starting to get interesting, you switch to an other topic, there's a change of direction, so it's hard to really say if it's gonna be one of the big new series of 2016. 

Here's a trailer of the pilot, if you are interested to watch in streaming the pilot episode "Unauthorized Magic". If you watch it, let me know what you think about it!

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