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The Last Tinker is a platforming game set in Colortown, an amazing, colorful, creative world. The adventure starts when a dark force " The Bleakness ", snowy freezing spirit, attacks Colortown removing all the colors, draining all the the joy and life from the world. Koru, the guy/monkey in the middle of the picture above, will have an epic, creative and colorful journey, climbing, jumping, sliding and more, during the whole game.

The Good

It's quite a work of art, when you see all the graphical displays through the game. I'm playing to The Last Tinker since a few weeks already and I really enjoy it. The change of scenery is quite often, offering an impressive set of different visual environment. Starting in the red city, very colorful and warm, you suddenly get to be under a white shadowy blizzard. The rhythm of the game play is good, not too slow, not too quick. It is also quite diversified. You'll get to explore, talk to NPC, learn new skills, fight and kill monsters, slide, climb, shoot and continuously have new powers.

The Less Good

There aren't much negative points about the game. It may be a bit slow at the beginning. I must say, I had a few issues with the controls, because my cursor was too sensitive at start, but after adjusting it, it's quite a great game for people who love amazing graphics and not to complexe game but still intriguing. The music could change a little bit more, it's seems to be the same one all along.

What to think?

I really like this game. I was looking for a platforming game, not too complexe, easy to get how the controls work. Something really pretty for the eyes and a little bit challenging for the mind. It's not a funny game, but it's really creative and quite poetic too. I would recommend The Last Tinker : City of Colors, to kids and adults who enjoy spending some time travelling in a world full of color and surprises.

All About The Last Tinker

The initial release of the game was in May 2014, it's been published by Unitiy Techonologies. It's a platforming game, with a single player video game mode. It's been developed by Minimi Productions, Loot Interactive for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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